Julia Padavona

Julia Padavona is a yoga, dance, meditation, and breathwork teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. She is also the host of spiritual self-development podcast, ‘the smart + hot podcast’ (@iamsmartandhot).

Julia has spent her entire life devoted to movement through dance, and is passionate about sharing the gift of mindful movement to her students. Her intuitive teaching style allows students to show up exactly as they are, connecting deeply to their minds, bodies, and hearts through their yoga practice.

Julia teaches a variety of yoga and dance classes at Good Move (@goodmoveny), a mindful fitness studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

At Jungle Dreaming, she’ll be leading a vinyasa-style yoga + breathwork workshop. You can expect to breathe deeply, transmute stagnant energy, and connect deeply to your entire being through a juicy, intuitively-sequenced flow.

Instagram: @juliapadavona
Podcast: @iamsmartandhot


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